1,900+ Roku Private Channels Listed Here!

These are private channel codes for adding channels to your Roku player that are not listed in the Roku public channel store. Some channels may still be a work in progress or the developer choose not to make them public. And other secret Adult Roku channels are not allowed to be published as public channels and must remain as private channels. HUGE ROKU CHANNELS LIST – Be sure to also see this A-Z Roku channels list of both Private and Public Roku channels on mkvXstream. This list includes short descriptions plus add channel links so Roku Channels can be directly added to your Roku player Report New or Broken Roku Private Channels Codes NOTE: If you find new Super Secret Roku Channels or non-working private Roku channels, please send us the channel name and code. And we can add or remove broken channels on this list to keep it as up to date as possible. Contact Us >> How to Add Roku Private Channels by Code Use This A-Z List To Find and Add Private Roku Channels by Code First visit the Add Private Roku Channel Page at: https://MY.ROKU.COM/ACCOUNT/ADD STEP 1. If you are not logged in already, you first need to sign-in to your Roku account at the link shown above. STEP 2. Enter the private Roku channel code in the box that says Channel access code. Then click -> Add Channel Roku Private Channels & Codes STEP 3. Before the channel can be added Click OK on the pop-up warning. Roku Private Channels Disclaimer Warning STEP 4. If the private channel code is valid, you will see the channel icon as shown below. Then finally click Yes, to add the channel. Success Add Private channel to your Roku ABOUT DISCLAIMER: Adding Non-Certified Roku Channels requires clicking OK whenever a private Roku channel is added. It was put in place to deter developers from profiting from copyrighted content on Roku. Now most all Non-Certified and Private Adult Roku channels all contain legal content and are not affected by this disclaimer. Please Note: This website is not endorsed by nor affiliated with Roku which is a trademark of Roku.com STEP 5. Once Roku private channels have been added, go to settings/system on your Roku and select Check Now for updates. After your Roku player has completed updating, your new channels can be found at the very bottom of your channels list on your Roku. Select the channel and press the (*) button on your remote to move or delete channels. TIP: Try the Update My Channels Roku Channel to check for updates and add new channels much faster. Warning: Some private Roku Adult channels contain Full XXX movies and are only intended for Mature 18+ audiences only

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